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Demystifying Korean Skincare Regime

Skincare is a huge part of the the Korean Beauty culture with both men and women alike taking care of their skin from a young age. Often described as 10 steps long, the process includes cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and everything in between. At times the regime can be perceived as an arduous and expensive endeavour but it can also be customised according to the individual and their skin’s needs.

You'll find below a simplified step by step process, along with product recommendations to help you achieve your best complexion.

Step 1- The oil cleanse

Begin with an oil cleanser to remove eye makeup and foundation by gently massaging into the skin. We recommend Banila Co’s Clean It Zero Purity, a gentle balm containing primrose oil, rosemary extract, liquorice and camellia that can be massaged into the skin. 

Step 2 - The foam cleanse

This double pronged cleanse approach ensures your face is left as clean as possible and helps to remove any oil left from the initial cleanse. Try Skinfood’s egg white pore foam, a fantastic cleanser that will rid your face of all impurities.

Step 3- Exfoliate

It's important to remove any dead skin cells and prepare the skin for all the goodness it's about to receive. Daily exfoliation can be tough on the skin so we recommend a gentle rice based product like Skinfood’s rice mask wash off. Rice powder is known to not only moisturise the skin but brighten the tone.

Step 4 - Tone

Korean toner not only preps the skin but cleanses and moisturises. It's an essential step of the regime before you begin to apply rich serums and moisturisers. A gentle and natural product like Son & Park’s Beauty Water does the job perfectly. With ingredients such as lavender water, rose flower water and orange fruit extract, this toner delivers intense and immediate hydration.

Step 5 - Essence

Essence is unique to Korean skincare. It's richer than toner but lighter than a serum and works to hydrate the skin and helps to renew skin cells. Apply onto the face by patting with your hands.

Step 6 - Special Treatments

This is where it can get interesting. This step can include as many serums and ampoules as the skin requires. These nourishing concentrates work to tighten, brighten and help skin renewal. Try the bestseller, MISSHA’s Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Borabit Ampoule.

Step 7 - Masks

Now is the time to take a breather and lock in all the goodness with a sheet mask. Check out  MEDIHEAL’s range of masks ranging from those with pearl extract and even placenta extract for the more adventurous!

Step 8 - Eye cream

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate part of your face so it deserves some love and attention. Make sure to apply the cream gently by tapping on with your finger tip. Try H.C. The Real Eye Cream for Face which also doubles up as a moisturiser and can help simplify the steps.

Step 9 - Moisturiser

It's time to seal in that moisture and the dewy glow you've been working hard to achieve. Moisturisers come in different forms and according to your skin type you can pick from a lighter emulsion or lotion like SU:M37 Water-Full Rebalancing Gel Lotion or a thicker cream like ETUDE HOUSE Moistfull Super Collagen Cream.  

Step 10 - Finishing touches

Don't forget Sunscreen in the day. At night apply sleep mask and wake up with a glow, ready to repeat the steps all over again.